• Samedi, 13 mai 2006  -  FESTIVAL
    Prix : 10,- € + frais de prévente
    Club - places debout
    19.30 hrs

    We had a gig with Quentin Lagoza on the 21/april in a bar down in Esch/Belvaux. We tested some new stuff. It went very well. The concert was organized by the dudes that run www.fanhead.lu! Anyway we will perform these tracks again in the Rockhal. After having played at the Atelier, at the Kulturfabrik, at the Ex-haus or even at the Alive Festival; this is the first time we enter the Rockhal as musicians. We are very excited about it so come and check us out this saturday 13th may at 19.30! Here the news from the official site and the programm in french!
    Pour fêter la sortie du 3e volume du « Bloe Baaschtert CD », Unki de l’émission Bloe Baaschtert sur Radio Ara, ensemble avec la Rockhal, vous ont concocté un petit festival avec d’impressionnants groupes luxembourgeois. Au programme

    God Money feat. Dr. Mono (industrial performance) 00h00
    John McAsskill (indie-rock) 23h15
    Sixpax (rock punk) 22h30
    Babyoil (indie-rock) 21h45
    Mack Murphy And The Inmates (folk rock noir) 21h00

    Medleyjukebox (rock) 19h30

    Be there on time because we will open the festival this year!!! On vous attend!

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  • It says : A hardcore lesson... and you can see the picture of our guitar player Andrea Fiorucci. Is there a need to add the text? Well maybe, as soon as I find it! (-:

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  • Reveiw on disagreement.net ( march 2006):

    Arriving shortly after 6pm, I had missed local punks Defeat and only caught the last song by Medley Jukebox,
    an instrumental indie rock band consisting of former members of Myein.
    What I heard was already very promising, dynamic guitar music.<o:p />

    After Mock Orange and Kitshickers also Broken Stars had to cancel their gig, Communicaution
    (Rise Up Eric's singer-songwriter one man project) played instead..........

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  • Fanhead review (march 2006): (de)

    Medley Jukebox waren mir zu dem Zeitpunkt noch gänzlich unbekannt, obwohl die Band aus bekannten Gesichtern besteht. Zugegeben, mit der Musik ihrer früheren Band Myein hatte dieses Set rein gar nichts mehr gemein, ganz im Gegenteil. Wo Myein noch mächtig viel Popappeal bewiesen und eingängig daherkamen, wurde man bei Medley Jukebox mit verschiedensten Einflüssen regelrecht bombardiert. Hier steckte so viel drin, mal waschechter Prog, dann wieder Hardrock, dann etwas off-beat-lastige Ragga-Rhythmen. Was aber zu gefallen wusste war, dass hier alles Kopf und Schwanz hatte. Dieses kurzweilige Sammelsurium an interessanten Ideen erreichte aber ihren Höhepunkt im letzten Song, der in bester Actarus-Tradition sehr postrockig rüberkam und wirklich auf ganzer Linie zu überzeugen wusste.

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  • The first record came out summer 2006 in Germany. You can purchase it by visiting the site of our indielabel finestnoise

    (see: www.finestnoise.de) or by moving directly to their distribution partners 

    (see: http://www.radar-music.cms-domain.de/426004262084.html)

    You can also purchase the album TINKI WINKI WAS A PORNSTAR  by writing us an e-mail 

    or by  checking it at our shows!

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